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Agricultural Cooperative of Fruits and Vegetables Mandalos - O.P.
Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots Edessa Pella


Mandalo is a village located in the prefecture of Pella. Previously, until 1928, it was called Mandalovo. The name Mandalo comes from the verb mandalono which means to secure-to bind. The community was founded in the village in 1931. The first agricultural production was wheat and later tobacco.

In 1934, the "Mandalos Agricultural Cooperative" was founded by the residents of the village who, in the five years 1980 - 1985, began the systematic planting of peach trees and abandoned traditional tobacco and wheat. They also cultivated apricots, olives and cherries to a lesser extent.

Today, after all these years, the agricultural production of the cooperative is based on peaches, nectarines and apricots, offering quality products from our place throughout Pella and in regions throughout Greece.



of the products of the cooperative is done with special care and under strict monitoring by the scientific staff of the cooperative and within the framework of the Integrated Management System that applies and always in accordance with the international safety and quality systems (Global Hap. Argo 2.1 and 2.2).

The products of the "Mandalos Agricultural Cooperative" are distinguished by their excellent taste, their excellent color and their nutritional value.
Basic and dominant functions of the "Agricultural Cooperative of Fruit and Horticulture Mandalos - O.P." is the gathering, marketing and promotion of all agricultural products produced in the region, in the internal and external market in Pella and in regions throughout Greece.

Also the "Agricultural Cooperative of Fruit and Vegetables Mandalos - O.P." supports the production process by staffing the appropriate personnel and the logistical infrastructure.

Purpose of the "Agricultural Cooperative of Fruit and Vegetables Mandalos - O.P." is the service of the producers of our region but also the offer of pure and high nutritional value products to the consumer.



President of the Cooperative
Hatzichristos Nikolaos | Tel. 6988414946